The 8th International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries LABAT’2011 was held June 7-10 at the Flamingo Grand Hotel, Albena Resort, Bulgaria. The organizer - Lead-Acid Batteries Department of IEES-BAS - once again brought together scientists from academic institutions and specialists from research, technical, manufacturing, marketing and sales divisions from lead-acid battery industry to present last achievements and discuss new ideas at high expert level. Trends for further development of this important power source were outlined.

LABAT’2011 was attended by over 300 delegates - representatives of 41 countries from 6 continents.

72 lectures were given sorted thematically under the following main topics of sessions:


At the end to each conference very interesting and highly productive panel discussion were led on the topics of the day. This LABAT tradition is very well appreciated for evoking spontaneous exchange of opinions and ideas.

31 world leading companies presented their new technologies, products and services at the exhibition held during the conference days. They made a great contribution to the success of LABAT’2011 adding to it the feature of good place for business networking.

29 members of LABAT’2011 International Advisory Committee sent to the Organizing Committee their proposals for scientists and experts to be considered for Gaston Planté Medal nominations. After summarizing these proposals:
Dr. Lan Trieu Lam, CSIRO Energy Technology, AUSTRALIA
Dr. Kenneth Peters, Battery Consultant, UNITED KINGDOM
Dr. Eberhard Meissner, Johnson Controls Power Solutions Europe, GERMANY
Dr. Boris Monahov, ILZRO/ALABC, USA
were nominated as they gained highest number of rating points.
These four nominees were offered to LABAT’2011 International Planté Medal Committee to vote for the next recipient of this prestigious award of the Bulgarian Academy of Scientists.
The great majority of the votes were equally divided between Dr. Lan Trieu Lam and Mr. Kenneth Peters. The Presidency of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences took a decision this year to grant two Gaston Planté Medals.
Prof. Alexander Popov, Vice President of the Bulgarian Academy of Scientists, announced and awarded Dr. Lan Trieu Lam and Mr. Kenneth Peters as new Gaston Planté Medalists on a special ceremony in LABAT’2011 Conference hall on July 9 2011.

LABAT’2011 was full of social events to assure productive networking area for the participants. The General Sponsor of LABAT’2011 - MONBAT Plc. - gave Get-together cocktail party on which the coming delegates catched up with old acquaintances and met new professional colleagues at the commencement of the Conference. Good communicative atmosphere reigned during the coffee brakes at the Flamingo Grand Hotel. The LABAT’2011 delegates spent very enjoyable time on the gala banquet in the Slavyanski Kat Restaurant with spectacular folklore program including amazing fire dancing show.


Dr. David Boden, Hammond Group Inc., U S A
Dr. Henry Catherino, US Army RDECOM, U S A
Prof. Hongyu Chen, South China Normal University, CHINA
Prof. Vahid Esfahanian, University of Tehran, IRAN     
Dr. Antonio Ferreira, Grupo Moura, BRAZIL
Dr. Mike Halls, Batteries International, UNITED KINGDOM      
Prof. Nobumitsu Hirai, Osaka University, JAPAN
Dr. Massimiliano Ianniello,  SOVEMA S.p.A., ITALY
Dr. Yury Kamenev, JSC ''Electrotyaga'', RUSSIA
Prof. Ivan Kazarinov, Saratov State University, RUSSIA
Dr. Michael A. Kepros,  Kepros Battery Consulting Ltd., U S A
Dr. Lan Trieu Lam, CSIRO Energy Technology, AUSTRALIA
Dr. Boris Monahov, ILZRO/ALABC, U S A
Dr. Yasuhide Nakayama, GS Yuasa Corporation, JAPAN
Dr. Robert Nelson, Axion Power Battery Manufacturing, U S A
Dr. Marion Perrin, Institut National de I'Energie Solaire - INES RDI, FRANCE
Dr. John R. Pierson, Consultant, U S A
Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer, RWTH Aachen University, GERMANY
Dr. Masaaki Shiomi, GS Yuasa Corporation, JAPAN
Prof. Ashok Shukla, Indian Institute of Science, INDIA
Dr. Francisco Trinidad, Exide Technologies, SPAIN
Prof. Alexander B. Velichenko, Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, UKRAINE
Dr. Ramanathan Viswanathan, Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd., INDIA
Dr. Rainer Wagner, Akkumulatorenfabrik MOLL GmbH & Co.KG, GERMANY
Prof. Zeli Wang, Battery Commerce Chamber Intl., CHINA
Dr. Gerry Woolf, Energy Storage Publishing Ltd., UNITED KINGDOM
Dr. Lyudmila Yolshina , Urals State Technical University, RUSSIA
Prof. Larbi Zerroual, University of Setif, ALGERIA
Dr. George Zguris,  Hollingsworth & Vose Co., U S A


Chairman: Prof.D. Pavlov, Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, (IEES), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Scientific Secretary: Dr. G. Papazov, IEES,  Bulgaria
Secretary:  M. Gerganska, IEES,  Bulgaria
Members:  Dr. A.Aleksandrova (IEES), Dr. B.Banov (IEES), Dr. V.Boev (IEES), A.Bobokov (MONBAT Plc.), L.Bogdanova (IEES), M. Cherneva-Vassileva, Dr. M.Dimitrov (IEES), Dr. B.Drenchev (IEES), A.Gigova (IEES), D.Ivanova (IEES), I.Karageorgiev (MONBAT Trading), M.Matrakova (IEES), Dr. A.Momchilov (IEES), Dr. V. Naidenov (IEES), Dr. P.Nikolov (IEES), B.Ognianov (IEES), Dr. T.Rogachev (IEES), Dr. S.Ruevski (IEES), G.Sheitanov (IEES), Dr. S.Vassilev (IEES).


Grand Flamingo Hotel *****
is based in the beautiful Black Sea resort Albena some 32 km from the International Varna airport and 30 km from the city of Varna, one of the largest cities in Bulgaria and a major cultural, commercial and transportation centre.

Congress center FLAMINGO"
comprises several well equipped halls and other facilities for comfortable conference atmosphere.

Albena resort, Bulgaria

is a Blue Flag winning resort, remarkable for its 6 km long and more than 100 m wide beach with fine gold sand. The sea water is usually crystal clear, calm and warm. The hotels have a terraced architecture providing as much sun as possible in summer days. They are located in a natural environment, either right on the beach or on the nearby hills which command a splendid view of the sea. The dense forest reserve "Baltata" is located in an adjacent to  Albena resort area. Both together they offer a unique combination of wild nature and modern touristic facilities that provide differrent forms of recreation and ecotourism.


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