The technical program of the Conference included morning and afternoon sessions on different topics.

67 technical papers were presented sorted thematically under the following main topics of sessions:

  • Lead-Carbon Electrodes
  • Lead-Acid Battery Technology
  • Lead-Acid Battery Operation
  • Pb/PbO2/PbSO4 Electrodes
  • Lead-Acid Battery Modelling
  • Lead-Acid Battery Recycling
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The technical program of LABAT’2014 started with lectures on lead-carbon electrodes as an alternative to conventional lead (negative) electrodes. This proved to be a key topic on the agenda with 17 research papers presented at the forum. The action of different carbons on the characteristics of flooded and AGM batteries operated at high charge currents was a widely discussed subject. The combination of supercapacitor and (lead-carbon) battery was in the focus of some presentations, too.

11 interesting papers reported research results on the mechanisms and processes involved in the technology of positive and negative plate manufacture as well as on the influence of different additives on battery performance parameters. 13 lectures were devoted to the phenomena that occur during battery operation. 13 presentations covered recent studies into the processes on the Pb/PbO2/PbSO4 electrode, depending on the technology of plate manufacture, and their influence on battery parameters. Models of the processes in batteries for different application duties were proposed in 7 lectures within the lead-acid battery modelling session. 6 presentations were on topics related to lead-acid battery recycling.
Original new ideas and innovative research approaches were proposed in most of the lectures, thus making significant contribution to the knowledge about the relation between technology of lead-acid battery manufacture and battery performance in different applications.
Each conference day ended with very interesting and fruitful panel discussions on the topics of the day. This LABAT tradition has proved to be very useful for the spontaneous exchange of opinions and ideas.
Poster sessions were held in parallel with the daily conference sessions.

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